Our exclusive retention systems and techniques are designed by expert geotechnical and structural engineers and installed by an exclusive network of approved contractors.

Helical Soil Nails

Soil nailing is an earth retention process that uses reinforcing strands to create a stable gravity wall or retaining system.

Similar to helical anchors, soil nails are installed using torque to a predetermined depth and are then finished with an application of ShotLock over rebar.

Grouted Soil Nails

Soil nailing is an earth retention technique used to stabilize slopes, existing retaining walls, and deep excavated cuts.

During the installation of grouted soil nail walls, holes are drilled with a slight downward slope, reinforcing bars are inserted into the holes, and then the bars are grouted into place for stability.

Typically, multiple grouted soil nails are installed in an engineered pattern to stabilize slopes and other structures.


ShotLock is a fiber-reinforced concrete material that is applied directly to a wall surface with pneumatic pressure. This type of application provides significant strength and compaction, resulting in a final product more than 2x the strength of traditional concrete.

ShotLock can be applied using a traditional concrete or mortar mixture and offers a versatile solution to construct, repair or reinforce walls, bridges, tunnels, channels and other structural elements.

Helical Anchors
AND Tiebacks

Helical Anchors, also referred to as tiebacks, provide lateral stability for foundations and retaining walls with unbalanced earth pressures.

Installed with hand tools or any variety of construction equipment, this flexible solution is a convenient and economical option for many projects.